APNS (Automatic Patient Notification Solution)
Most healthcare providers are looking for a solution to deliver time-critical information via outbound calls to any desk or wireless phone. A solution APNS, built by Econux can be used to inform and remind patients of appointments, schedule openings, and medication requirements. Additionally, an option can be provided to contact someone from your medical staff by pressing a touch phone response in which case the dialer will transfer the call.
Benefits of Using APNS Services
► Increase customer satisfaction: by allowing services like the ability for the patient to make his/her own appointment or request a prescription, it speeds the scheduling process for both the office and the patient and increases customer satisfaction
► Increase operational efficiency: by relieving staff of the task of making appointment-scheduling calls, the IVR can significantly boost operational efficiency
► Save valuable resources: by eliminating time-consuming tasks such as gathering patient information for medication refills, staff can concentrate on serving customers and filling prescriptions efficiently
► Potentially save lives: if a home care patient hasn´t called by his/her appointed time, the IVR can automatically call the patient and immediately alert the home care staff if the patient does not answer
Examples of APNS:
► Claims and billing
► Office location/hours
► Doctor appointment reminders
► Medical alerts
► Medical surveys
► Prescription refill reminders
► Lab results
► Annual checkup calls
► Prescription reminders