VoiceCyber VCLog Recording Solution
The VoiceCyber VCLog product suite of customer contact monitoring, recording, quality and analytic products allows you to record and capture anything from a targeted selection up to 100% of your customer interactions and then use specific CCP (Customer Contact Process) applications to analyze those recordings.

Designed to help you optimize the operation of your contact centers; the VoiceCyber VCLog product suite enables you to learn what your customers are saying; to better understand what is happening in your interactions with them and why. In this way, the VoiceCyber VCLog product suite allows you to improve the effectiveness, quality and profitability of your customers’ experience and to maximize the total lifetime value of each customer – and to do this while managing internal costs and delivering a fast Return on Investment (RoI).
The VoiceCyber VCLog Solution allow “Capture & Store” of your communication records up to 100%.